The Jury

We are pleased to receive distinguished philatelic judges accredited by the Australian Philatelic Federation (APF). Exhibition and judging will follow rules and guidelines based on the APF’s Regulations for Australian Philatelic Exhibitions.

stamp exhibition

Philatelic judging & Exhibiting

The Jury

As this is a national One-Frame exhibition, all Jury members are accredited by the Australian Philatelic Federation (APF).
Three will be from Queensland and three from out of state. 
Joan Orr, QPC’s Judges’ Co-ordinator, is presently working on the list for approval by the APF, and further information will be available soon.

The Jury

Highly knowledgeable philatelists honouring Toowoomba 2021 with their presence and work.

Paul Xavier


Philip Levine


Russell Boylan


Anthony Presgrave


Ian McMahon


John Moore

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