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Toowoomba Stamp Club has already hosted a State Exhibition in 2017, which attracted wholehearted support from exhibitors and a remarkable attendance of philatelists and the general public. The combination of factors provided one of the best State Exhibition held in this state; hence the move to host a National Event.

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Toowoomba 2021 Regulations are based on the A.P.F. Regulations for Australian Philatelic Exhibitions

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A National One Frame Philatelic Exhibition
at the Indoor Bowls Hall, 10 Annand St.
Toowoomba City 4350

Saturday 9th October 2021, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday 10th October 2021, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Organised philately has been ongoing in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region for over a century. The Toowoomba Stamp Club Inc., in hosting TOOWOOMBA 2021, intends to include, encompass and foster all levels of philately and showcase the community involvement in our hobby, not simply from the local region, but the whole of Queensland and Australia.


Rules and Regulations

All correspondence relating to the exhibits to be addressed to:

Exhibition Secretary TOOWOOMBA 2021 PO Box 9471 Wynnum Plaza Post Office,

Wynnum West. 4178

Or emailed to



TOOWOOMBA 2021 is a National One Frame Exhibition organised entirely by the Toowoomba Stamp Club Inc. under the auspices of the Queensland Philatelic Council Inc. (Q.P.C.) and the Australian Philatelic Federation Ltd (A.P.F.).



These regulations are based on the A.P.F. Regulations for Australian Philatelic Exhibitions.



Participation in the Exhibition is open to all exhibitors resident in Australia whether they are members of affiliated organisations or not. The exhibitor must be the bonafide owner of the exhibit. Each entry must be entered in the correct class. Non-competitive entries will be by invitation of the Committee only.

The entrant shall provide a description for the catalogue comprising not less than 20 and not more than 50 words when submitting their entry. The Committee reserves the right to alter any description for the catalogue. The exhibitor must also provide a draft of the title page of the exhibit (and synopsis, if the exhibitor desires) to the Organising Committee no later than Monday 5th July 2021 as these will be required by the judges well before the exhibition.

The Committee reserves the right to limit or reject entries at its sole discretion. Exhibitors will be advised of the acceptance or otherwise of their exhibits by email by 15th August 2021.


National One-Frame Competition

1.1 FIP Classes -

      Postal History
      Postal Stationery
      Thematic Philately
      Picture Postcards

1.2 APF Classes -

      Polar Philately
      First Day Covers
      Frugal Philately

Youth Exhibits

Exhibits of young philatelists up to 21 years old constitute the Youth Class and they will be assigned to one of the three Age Classes, “A”, “B” or “C” according to their age. Note: the age attained on January 1st 2021 decides the relevant Class

  • Age Class “A”: up to 15 years old
  • Age Class “B”: 16 to 18 years old
  • Age Class “C”: 19 to 21 years old



  • Applications from exhibitors will only be accepted on the official entry form and within the appointed time. Photocopies of the entry form are
  • A draft of the title page of the exhibit MUST accompany each entry form. A synopsis form is provided for exhibitors who wish to expand on particular areas of their exhibit.
        All entries must be forwarded to the Exhibition Secretary TOOWOOMBA 2021,
PO Box 9471, Wynnum Plaza Post Office, Wynnum West 4178
or to
  • The closing date for entries is Monday 5th July,
  • All philatelic exhibits must be mounted on white or light coloured sheets.
  • Each exhibit page must be within the range of 21cm to 24cm width and a MAXIMUM of 28.5cm in height including the protector. Sheets double the maximum width or square may be used but must fit within one row.
  • Sheets for each exhibit must bear the name and address of the exhibitor on the reverse of each sheet and be numbered consecutively in the order that they are to be mounted.
  • The frames used for this exhibition will be National Exhibition Frames and hold 16 standard size sheets arranged in four rows of four as per below diagram.



The frame fee of $50 per frame plus return postage (where applicable) must accompany the entry form. Youth entries are free.


After paying the entry fee and being notified of acceptance of their exhibit(s), THE EXHIBITOR MUST PROVIDE an envelope for each frame of 16 sheets. Each exhibit sheet should be placed in a lightweight transparent sheet protector, with one side open. The transparent protector dimensions must not exceed the exhibition sheet dimensions by more than 1cm all round. Sheets received without protectors will not be accepted. Certificates of Expertisation (where applicable) shall be placed on the reverse of the relevant sheet inside the sheet protector.

**Entries will be judged at Q.P.C. House, Wynnum
on Wednesday 6/10 and Thursday 7/10
and stored securely prior to transport to Toowoomba for the Exhibition.

Entries may be delivered:

By hand:            At 8:00 am (sharp) – 6th October 2021 to the BinRoom, 18 Coolcrest St., Wynnum.

By post:              No earlier than Thursday 30th September 2021 and no later than Tuesday 5th October 2021.


Exhibition Secretary TOOWOOMBA 2021, Queensland Philatelic Council

PO Box 9471 Wynnum Plaza P.O.,
Wynnum West,     4178


All exhibits should have an introductory page or plan to indicate what is being shown and give guidance to the viewer, including areas of special interest.



The Organising Committee will take all reasonable care of the exhibits with which it has been entrusted. However, it declines all responsibility in case of loss, theft or damage during conveyance to or from the Exhibition or at the Exhibition. Exhibitors are advised to arrange adequate insurance for their exhibits.



Upon receiving the exhibit, the Organising Committee will issue a receipt, which must be produced after the Exhibition to enable the return of the exhibit. All exhibits will be mounted and removed from the frames in accordance with instructions given by the person in charge of the Bin Room. Personal mounting and removal can only be done with the express permission of the person in charge of the bin room and according to his/her directions.

For the duration of the Exhibition, no exhibit may be either modified or withdrawn. No exhibit will be released after the exhibition until all exhibits have been removed from the frames and subsequently checked by the person in charge of the Bin Room.


The Jury shall penalise exhibits containing forgeries or reproductions not so described. Exhibitors are reminded that the rules of the A.P.F stipulate that once the Organising Committee accepts an application form, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to produce the exhibit. Failure to give notice or produce the entry is subject to penalty by the A.P.F and in either case, the entry fees will not be returned.



The Organising Committee will place for disposal by the Jury a number of Special Awards and medals according to the points achieved:


55-59 Bronze

60-64 Silver Bronze

65-69 Silver

70-74 Large Silver

75-79 Vermeil

80-84 Large Vermeil

85-89 Gold

90-100 Large Gold.


By signing the application form, the exhibitor is bound by these Regulations for the TOOWOOMBA 2021 One Frame National Exhibition.



The TOOWOOMBA 2021 committee reserves the right, subject to the approval of the A.P.F., to amend these Regulations.




The members of the Jury will be approved by the A.P.F. The decisions of the Jury are final and cannot be contested. Judging will be done in accordance with the F.I.P Special Regulations for Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits. A judge’s critique of exhibits will be held for interested participants including a brief discussion in front of the frames (time permitting).


For philatelic exhibits, the judging criteria that will be used by the Jury will be those of the A.P.F.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

Steve Jobs

Toowoomba Stamp Club’s motto for the creation of Toowoomba 2021.

The united efforts and work of volunteers to host the best stamp exhibition. 

We are happy to provide more details 

stamp exhibition

toowoomba 2021

National One-Frame Stamp Exhibition to the Darling Downs. 

After the great success of Toowpex 2017, the Toowoomba Stamp Club was approached by the APF (National Australian Philatelic Federation) and QPC (Queensland Philatelic Council) to host a national one-frame event,  with plans to establish a regular event to be held every four years commencing in 2024 (to fit with other events on the philatelic calendar).

Toowoomba Stamp Club is proud to bring such an event to the Darling Downs.

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